SmarterMail browser requirements

With the upgrade to Smartermail the web interface has been changed significantly. Below are the browser requirements should you need to access via webmail. Sending something via email is much easier, but if you ever require shipping services, then just make sure that you use the proper shipping boxes.


SmarterMail is fully supported by any modern and updated desktop browser. Minimum versions supported:

  • Google Chrome 30
  • FireFox 39
  • Microsoft Edge 40
  • Safari 10.1 (OS X 10.9)
  • Opera 17
  • Internet Explorer 11

Note: Any browser you use with SmarterMail should also support WebRTC to ensure video conferencing works for you and any participants. In addition, using any versions of the above browsers that are over a year old may lead to poor performance of the webmail interface.


In addition to working with most mobile email clients, not to mention third-party calendar and/or contact apps, SmarterMail offers the same robust webmail experience on mobile as it does on the desktop. As long as the mobile browswer you use supports CSS, JavaScript and other modern scripting platforms, accessing the SmarterMail webmail interface is not a problem. Minimum versions supported: Chrome Android 4.4 and iOS 10.

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